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To download the new municipal property rates act click here (pdf 2.9MB)

What are the Business and Commercial Tariffs for July 2014 to June 2015?

  • City of Johannesburg 0,017252 cents in the Rand
  • City of Cape Town 0,012508 cents in the Rand
  • City of Tshwane (Pretoria) 0,0283 cents in the Rand
  • EThekwini Municipality (Durban) 0,02366 cents in the Rand
  • Ekurhuleni Municipality 0,01591 cents in the Rand
  • Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) 0,017784 cents in the Rand

How does the municipal valuation process work?

Balme Van Wyk & Tugman (BVWT) will:

  • Review the value of your property
  • Provide you with a market value
  • Recommend whether to lodge an enquiry or submit an objection

Objection process

Instruct Balme Van Wyk and Tugman Pty Ltd to act on your behalf. If the review process indicates that an objection should be lodged, BVWT will undertake the following on your behalf:

  • Determine a suggested market related valuation for the property in question.
  • Complete the objection form/s including a motivation for the suggested market value

Lodge the objection

  • Obtain reference that the objection was submitted – Approach the objection
  • Approach the Municipal Valuer’s decision
  • Request reasons from the Municipal Valuer if applicable
  • Consider the written reasons
  • Recommend whether an appeal should be submitted.


If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Municipal Valuer or if the reasons for his decision are unacceptable, an appeal to the Valuation Appeal Board has to be submitted.

For an appeal, Balme Van Wyk & Tugman (BVWT) will:

  • Motivate and submit the appeal
  • Appear before the Valuer Appeal Board
  • Obtain the decision of the Valuation Appeal Board.
  • Recommend whether further legal action should be untaken